Need a lawsuit loan on a wrongful death case?

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The loss of a loved one to another person’s negligence is tragic. A wrongful death case allows the heirs and survivors of the decedent to hold the negligent parties responsible for damages. If a member of your family has suffered a wrongful death, and you need a lawsuit loan, call Great Bay Capital. We have helped thousands of others, we can help you too!

wrongful death pre-settlement lawsuit loan

2.99% per month.

  • Interest does NOT compound.
  • No mandatory minimum interest charge.
  • Pay back anytime or wait until your case resolves.
  • Pre or post settlement, same rate.

No Added Fees.

  • No application fee.
  • No loan processing fee.
  • USPS delivery is free.
  • To overnight a check or wire transfer funds is only $35.00.

Best Service.

  • Call or email us 24/7.
  • E-signature contracts available.
  • Wire transfer or overnight delivery of a check to your home address.
  • Funding is a little as 24 hours.

A lawsuit advance can be used for any expense.