Need a lawsuit loan on your workers compensation case?

Injuries on the job happen every day. When you are injured at work, your injuries may prevent you from working, stopping your income. However, the rent, electric and other bills keep coming.

If you need a pre-settlement cash advance, call Great Bay Capital.

great bay capital lawsuit loans pre-settlement funding

2.99% per month.

  • Interest does NOT compound.
  • No mandatory minimum interest charge.
  • Pay back anytime or wait until your case resolves.
  • Pre or post settlement, same rate.

No Added Fees.

  • No application fee.
  • No loan processing fee.
  • USPS delivery is free.
  • To overnight a check or wire transfer funds is only $35.00.

Best Service.

  • Call or email us 24/7.
  • E-signature contracts available.
  • Wire transfer or overnight delivery of a check to your home address.
  • Funding is a little as 24 hours.

Our Low Rate Guarantee

We will meet or beat any other competitive interest rates.  Call us today!