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Need a lawsuit loan in Virginia?
We have the lowest interest rates, best service and no additional fees!

Since 2005, Great Bay Capital has provided pre-settlement funding to injured persons. Thousands have benefitted from our low interest lawsuit loans. Here are the benefits of working with Great Bay Capital for your pre-settlement funding:

  • Easy online application: You can apply for a lawsuit loan online at our website. We only need a little information, most importantly your contact information and the contact information of your attorney. We will then contact your attorney to receive the further information we need to make an approval.
  • E-signature contracts: Once you are approved for an advance, we will forward by email an E-signature contract which you can sign online. It is then sent to your attorney for signature, then all parties receive a fully signed copy.
  • Electronic funds transfer: We can wire the funds directly to your bank account or overnight a check directly to your home or office.
  • No additional fees: Many companies charge an application fee or a loan processing fee. We don’t charge either one. Our only fee is $35 to wire the funds or overnight the check directly to you.

From Norfolk, Richmond, Charlottesville to Roanoke, compare Great Bay Capital to other pre-settlement funding companies and the choice is clear! Call Great Bay Capital today and let’s get you approved.

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We will meet or beat any other competitive interest rates.  Call us today!

Low Interest Rate Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans

We fund many types of cases:

Auto accidents, slip and falls, wrongful death, workers compensation, maritime injuries and more. Call today and see if your case qualifies for a pre-settlement advance.