Can I use a lawsuit loan to pay for future medical care?

Yes, you can use a lawsuit loan to pay for future medical care.

Need a future surgery or medical care and don’t have the cash to pay for it? Many times, your personal injuries suffered in an accident require months to heal. Doctor’s offices, physical therapists and other medical care providers do not wait for payment because you were the victim of a drunk driver. They need to get paid and usually want the funds quickly.

A pre-settlement lawsuit loan may be your answer. Get cash now to pay for your care while you wait for the settlement you deserve. If you need funding to help pay for your current or future medical care, call Great Bay Capital today! We have the lowest interest rate lawsuit loan. We can help.

Sometimes private practice medical providers such as orthopedic surgeons or dentists will deny future treatment to their own patients if their account is not paid up. In other cases, some physicians will require payment up front before agreeing to perform a procedure. If you need medical care, you need cash.

pre-settlement lawsuit loan to pay for future medical care

Helping people retain their financial health one pre-settlement advance at a time.

Get cash now, wait for the settlement you deserve.

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