Does my credit score matter for a lawsuit loan?

Your credit score does not matter for pre-settlement funding.

credit score lawsuit loan

Bad credit can be a hindrance to many in obtaining financing for things such as a home or automobile. At Great Bay Capital we do NOT check your credit score when you apply. It has no influence on our decision to fund or not fund your injury case.

Other factors particular to your individual injury case are considered, such as:

Liability for your injury: In order for us to fund your case, someone else’s negligence needs to be the primary cause of your injury.
Damages: We will evaluate the extent of your injury in determining your eligibility for a cash advance.
Insurance: Whether it is automobile insurance, under-insured auto coverage or your health insurance, they all play a part in our determination to fund.

The good news is, your credit score does not matter. We don’t look at it or request it from your attorney.

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